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Prof. Zhaohua Jiang
Institute of Science and Technology Management, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China
Speech title: DSGE Analysis of the Role of Structural Transformation and Innovation in Driving US Sustainable Development

Biography: Jiang Zhaohua, male, born in Suihuain City, Heilongjiang Province, is the professor of Dalian University of Technology, and mainly researches on scientific and technological progress and sustainable development. He undertook many topics including "High Technology, New Economy and Globalization: China's Triple Coupled Strategy" of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He published more than 100 papers including "Sustainable development and structural transformation and innovation in driving " in the "Int. J. Genal Systems", "Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice", "China Soft Science", "Science Research Management" and other publications. He won the Liaoning provincial social science first prize ("National Knowledge Economy System Construction" completed cooperatively) and many other awards. He was given the title of "the Bai-level Talent" of Liaoning hundred Talents Program.
Establishing The Synergy Theory for economic sustainable development:The Synergy Theory on Economic Growth: Comparative Study between China and Developed Countries, Science Press and Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2018.
Speech Abstract: Although the existing DSGE (Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium) analysis has made great achievements, there are still economic growth theory behind, and lack of tertiary industry proportion, urbanization, informationization, knowledge-intensive industries, Structural variables such as financial structure, lack of innovative variables such as scientific and technological input, lack of resource and environmental variables such as energy conservation and emission reduction, and thus cannot fully reflect the economic reality of structural transformation, innovation-driven and sustainable development. To this end, this article takes the United States as an example, combines the new theory of economic growth (Synergy Theory), structural transformation theory, innovation-driven theory and related population, resources and environmental economic theory to establish a model group and construct the expected utility function and Lager. The Lange function, in turn, constructs the DSGE model system for economic growth in the United States, and uses econometric methods to determine the a priori values of the parameters, and then uses the Bayesian method for parameter correction, simulation and policy measures to analyze knowledge-intensive The effects of fluctuations in structural variables such as industry and urbanization on the role of US sustainable development and innovation-driven, sustainable development of state variables and control variables, the results of the study are very realistic, and also for countries to promote structural transformation, innovation-driven policy development Provides references and evidence.
Keyword: Sustainable development, Synergy theory, DSGE, Structural transformation

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